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Airplane Yoga: Poses to Do While Flying


I’ve spent plenty of time on an airplane. I fly at least once a month, and I’ve had my fair share of short and long flights too. A long flight truly takes a toll on my body, especially since we sit almost the entire time.

I do practice yoga quite frequently, and I always have an urge to stretch and release. Therefore, I’ve adopted a few staple yoga poses to do while on an airplane, including poses in the seat and the aisle.

All of these poses are simple and here to relax and heal, not challenge. I try to utilize whatever space I have, no matter if it’s an entire row to myself or simply my seat. Now, these are my favorite asanas and most possible for me to do for my body. Always feel free to modify these poses or incorporate your favorite poses to find relief.

In Seat:

  1. Neck Rolls – stretches neck
  2. Eagle Arms – stretches arms and upper back
  3. Interlace fingers behind break – stretches chest
  4. Seated Hip Stretch 
  5. Stretched interlaced hands upward – stretches spine and shoulders
  6. Seated Twist – releases spine


  1. Forward Bend – releases back and shoulders and stretches hamstrings
  2. Standing Backbend – stretches back and buttocks
  3. Squat – stretches inner thigh, buttocks, lower back, and hip
  4. Standing Side Stretch – stretches the side body

What are your favorite yoga poses to do while on a long flight? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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