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Quitting Fast Fashion & Creating a Sustainable Closet

I quit fast fashion this year, and here's how I did it!


A Natural Birth Story

This birth story, written by my sister Malorie Melson, is about the highs and lows of a natural birth. Malorie, along with her husband Ben, gave birth to my nephew Rhett Austin on Christmas Day in 2017 at the Austin Area Birthing Center in Austin, Texas.

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How to Survive Your First Season Working on an Organic Farm

Are you considering working on an organic farm? Read these tips to make your first farm season a success!

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Tapas and Terrain: My Essentials for an Active Life

After about an hour of hiking uphill, we finally broke free from the forest and stepped above tree line. As my cousin, a brave triathlete, panted beside me, she exclaimed, “Now I know why you are so in shape!” I truly believe that everyone needs to adopt an exercise routine or activity that challenges the… Continue reading Tapas and Terrain: My Essentials for an Active Life


Dream a Little Dream

My mind’s haze projected a vision of gray tints. Heartache from the death of my friend pressed deeply on my chest. I sobbed but tears failed to appear; but, the heavy and unsteady inhalations and exhalations were ever so apparent. Like scenes from a movie (a movie so unknown and unpredictable), my visualizations swayed into… Continue reading Dream a Little Dream