8/31 Weekly Photography Favorites {Maine}

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

This week has been very busy for me. My writing has picked up, my online vintage clothing store is doing great, and I have a couple new business opportunities headed my way. I’m so grateful to be a freelancer. Flexible schedules make me a happy girl.

Since I have been consumed with writing lately I really haven’t had time to focus on my photography. To say the least, I’m saving for a better camera so all the work I can get is alright with me!

Since I have no fresh photos to share, I do have a huge stock of photos in which are hoarded onto my hard drive. For those of you who don’t know, I completed the entire length of the Appalachian Trail last year with my boyfriend Ryan. To put it simply, we hiked from Georgia to Maine. We reached Maine late in the hiking season in October but Maine was experiencing a heat wave so the weather was mild while the trees were changing into their fall colors.

Maine in autumn is breathtaking. Since I have been looking forward to cooler weather and today is the last day of August, I thought I would share my Maine pictures from the perspective of an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker.

Maine is moist. Maine is full of lakes and bogs. The trees in the valley change from green to purple, pink, yellow, orange, and red in autumn. The trees in the higher elevations are evergreen. Maine was our last state on our journey and my favorite state. A part of my heart lives in Maine. I will never forget how I felt being so free but yearning for a normal life after five months on the Appalachian Trail.

Not all pictures are mine, the pictures with me in them are taken by my fiance, Ryan.

Enjoy your weekend! If you would like to see more of my photography, please follow me on Instagram: madidragna!











3 thoughts on “8/31 Weekly Photography Favorites {Maine}”

  1. This hike sounds incredible. Have you ever read any of bill Bryson’s work? He wrote a book about a hike through the trail called A walk in the woods. Pick it up if u haven’t.

    1. The hike was absolutely incredible. It changed my life! Yes, Bill Bryson wrote about the AT. He failed to finish and didn’t promote ‘leave no trace’ practices. As a hiker, I’m not a fan. As a writer, it was a good read.

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