8/31 Weekly Photography Favorites {Maine}

Happy Sunday Everyone!! This week has been very busy for me. My writing has picked up, my online vintage clothing store is doing great, and I have a couple new business opportunities headed my way. I'm so grateful to be a freelancer. Flexible schedules make me a happy girl. Since I have been consumed with… Continue reading 8/31 Weekly Photography Favorites {Maine}

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Weekly Photography Favorites: 20 Photos of the GR 20

Bonjour! I'm back in the state of things. Literally, I'm back in the state where my things live. After relishing in all that is Corsica, France, I am so persistent to stay in Colorado right now. Ryan and I hiked the GR 20 in Corsica. Since I already blogged about our 112 mile, 11 day hike… Continue reading Weekly Photography Favorites: 20 Photos of the GR 20

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6/20 Weekly Photography Favorites {Texas}

Hello Everyone! If you didn't realize, I actually skipped last week's weekly photo favs. Last weekend was my sister's wedding and I truly had no time for photography or blogging. At the moment, we are waiting to leave for Europe. See my most recent post: Flying Standby for why the wait. We are all ready to… Continue reading 6/20 Weekly Photography Favorites {Texas}

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6/7 Weekly Photography Favorites {Colorado}

Hey Y'all!! This week has been absolutely crazy for me and Ryan. Last weekend I went to Lake Charles (Louisiana)  for a casino weekend with my sister, cousin, mom, and aunts. After that very exhausting weekend (and no, I was not a big winner or even a small winner.. ), Ryan and I packed for… Continue reading 6/7 Weekly Photography Favorites {Colorado}

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5/31 Weekly Photography Favorites {Louisiana}

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Last weekend I went to my sister's bachelorette party in New Orleans. Lets just say I am finally feeling back to normal after a week long hangover. This week's Weekly Photo Favs are from New Orleans. New Orleans is a crazy, beautiful, intense, and lively… Continue reading 5/31 Weekly Photography Favorites {Louisiana}