9/21 Weekly Photography Favorites {Colorado}

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

I hope everyone’s past week was productive and the weekend restorative. I have been very busy with new opportunities so I haven’t been committing my time to this blog and a few of my other blogs. And, that’s ok. I feel my time right now is better invested in other things. New projects are fun. I have a few blog post ideas in the old noggin so look forward to those in the coming weeks.

Here in Colorado autumn colors are showing. Trees are turning and leaves are falling. Some days are hot, some are wet, some are cold. That’s fall for ya. I got a new camera and I have been such a happy clam. These pictures were taken during last night’s sunset. We live next door to a small nature preserve in Fort Collins so we always have great views of the mountains with a natural setting. Its wonderful. Have a great Sunday everyone. Don’t dread Monday. I bet that comment just made you dread Monday. So, here’s some pretty pictures…

Photo Sep 07, 6 27 27 PM Photo Sep 07, 7 38 51 PM DSCN0954

DSCN0927 DSCN0933 DSCN0948

2 thoughts on “9/21 Weekly Photography Favorites {Colorado}”

    1. Omg I know. I completely abandoned posting them. I have been just switching them out on my widget with the six circles instead of posting as a post. Maybe Ill switch to monthly and the post will have more pics. Thoughts?

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