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‘Don’t Worry Mom and Dad’: Discussing Your Travel Dreams With Your Parents

No matter if you are a parent or a traveler with concerned parents, this article points out ways to discuss travel plans openly and effectively for both parties.

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Beach Camping Along Mexico’s Riviera Maya

The Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, specifically the Riviera Maya that stretches from Cancún to Tulum, is a popular vacation destination that has historic Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches. Since my fiancé and I don't have much money to spare for extravagant resort experiences (and, frankly, adventure is more our style anyway), we camp in our two-person tent (or… Continue reading Beach Camping Along Mexico’s Riviera Maya

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The Truths of a Traveler

You've seen him or her before. She’s the girl at the airport running to her terminal with a lightweight backpack, perfectly disheveled hair, and a henna tattoo. He’s the guy flying standby, willing to wait hours for any fruitful destination. You think, now that guy is living, that girl seems fun. Truthfully, that guy is… Continue reading The Truths of a Traveler