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13 Things the Appalachian Trail (and an AT Thru-Hike) is NOT

After completing a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, I've gotten a variety of silly questions about my hike and the AT. Read about what the AT and an AT thru-hike is NOT from a past thru-hiker's perspective.

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The Inevitable Goodbye

I stared at the quickly-moving clouds as a tear streamed down my face and fell on the hard granite rock I chose to lounge on. The clouds captivated me. This island captivated me. Clouds flowed and dissolved as pleased. I hate saying goodbyes and therefore I don’t mind not saying them.I read somewhere to always… Continue reading The Inevitable Goodbye

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Weekly Photography Favorites: 20 Photos of the GR 20

Bonjour! I'm back in the state of things. Literally, I'm back in the state where my things live. After relishing in all that is Corsica, France, I am so persistent to stay in Colorado right now. Ryan and I hiked the GR 20 in Corsica. Since I already blogged about our 112 mile, 11 day hike… Continue reading Weekly Photography Favorites: 20 Photos of the GR 20