The Ups and Downs of My Freelance Life (And Why You Won’t Get Rich Quick So Stop Googling It)

This is my story on how I became a freelancer and business owner. Shout out to all the companies that never hired me. You created a boss bitch.


Finding a Sense of Place in an Office Space

My Monday starts out normal as I rear up my computer for another day’s work. The windows are open so I can embrace the chilly mornings that Colorado grants us early in this autumn season. I hear the geese make a ruckus in the small pond viewed from my apartment windows. Spontaneity gets the best… Continue reading Finding a Sense of Place in an Office Space


So I’m Getting Married…

According to the internet, my thoughts should be surrounded by wedding colors, white dresses, cake designs, center pieces, and menial decor. My mind can't find any reason to peruse these things. My determination to plan a wedding is slim to none. I want everything or nothing or something? I love it all. I want the… Continue reading So I’m Getting Married…