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A Visit to Seven Magic Mountains

This roadside attraction near Las Vegas is what Instagram dreams are made of.

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A Millennial’s Guide to Cruising

I'm a millenial. I've gone on two cruises. Therefore, I'm a cruising expert. Read my guide already.


My One and Only Peace Corps Blog Post

Peace Corps decided to end our service 25 months earlier than expected. Read how life in Guyana went for us during Peace Corps training.


Leaving for the Peace Corps in Two Weeks!

Ryan and I leave for our Peace Corps service in less than two weeks. The countdown begins!


A Natural Birth Story

This birth story, written by my sister Malorie Melson, is about the highs and lows of a natural birth. Malorie, along with her husband Ben, gave birth to my nephew Rhett Austin on Christmas Day in 2017 at the Austin Area Birthing Center in Austin, Texas.