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How to Road Trip Around Maui on a Budget

Are you a broke traveler heading to Maui? Read my recommendations on how to road trip around the island for cheap!

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‘Don’t Worry Mom and Dad’: Discussing Your Travel Dreams With Your Parents

No matter if you are a parent or a traveler with concerned parents, this article points out ways to discuss travel plans openly and effectively for both parties.

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Airplane Yoga: Poses to Do While Flying

Try these yoga poses on your next lengthy flight to stay relaxed and comfortable.

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Hiking Alaska’s Port Cities

During our Alaskan cruise, we spent our time in the port cities hiking. Check out the hikes we did and my recommendations on how to save money without saving on views while in the port cities of Alaska!

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6 Tips on Planning a Last-Minute Trip

My life of travel has not been very organized ever since we started flying standby. However, this truly makes for spontaneous trips! Plenty of our trips over the past three years have been planned simply the day or even night before departure because flying standby is always such a gamble. Learn more about my adventures… Continue reading 6 Tips on Planning a Last-Minute Trip