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A Visit to the Eiffel Tower

If you don't know, today is the day the Eiffel Tower opened to the public 126 long years ago. I visited Paris, France during the summer of 2014 and, like every tourist, seeing the Eiffel Tower was on my "to do" list. In celebration of this incredible monument, here is my experience of the Eiffel Tower.  With packs… Continue reading A Visit to the Eiffel Tower

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10 Tips for Backpacking the Big Island of Hawaii

Backpacking Hawaii is a great way to experience the island and the locals. Most visitors to Hawaii stay in resorts. By exploring on foot, you will see sights most tourists won’t see like private beaches, untouched hiking paths, and perfect opportunities to witness both sunrise and sunset by camping on beaches and parks. Disclaimer: This… Continue reading 10 Tips for Backpacking the Big Island of Hawaii

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Texas Photo Essay: The Ranch

I refer to the ranch as "The Ranch" because I have only heard this property referenced as such. Sure, the Ranch has a name but maybe I forgot, maybe you shouldn't know, maybe I never knew all along. This property shows the beauty that is Texas.    The weather wasn't perfect. The air struggled with… Continue reading Texas Photo Essay: The Ranch

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(Re)discovering My Hometown

  I never considered my hometown to be interesting or brag worthy. Magnolia, Texas is situated north of Houston, Texas. Magnolia (and the Houston area in general) has grown exponentially throughout the years but especially since I left in 2008. Every time I come home, I dread the traffic and seeing another new installment of… Continue reading (Re)discovering My Hometown

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Finding Solace in a Hot Spring

The initial exposure to the dry, cold air on my bare skin causes me to beg for a dip in the warm natural pool. My toes tingle upon entrance. The warmth from the hot spring hugs me. My body naturally exhales in relief. Soon enough, solace is found from the beauty of this wintry escape.… Continue reading Finding Solace in a Hot Spring