Rainy Day

It is a rainy day here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Yesterday brought snow but the warm temperatures of spring bring rain today. I enjoy the rain. A change in weather always makes me happy. I see many people on my social media sites bashing the rain and snow. It's time you play in the rain my friend.… Continue reading Rainy Day


Get Pumped! It’s 2015!

The first week of 2015 is over. The past week was full of motivation to work on the New Year's resolution(s). However, next week is crucial for a resolution's success. The second week begs for procrastination. You are off your holiday high and back into the daily grind of life. Well, get over it. Personal… Continue reading Get Pumped! It’s 2015!


So I’m Getting Married…

According to the internet, my thoughts should be surrounded by wedding colors, white dresses, cake designs, center pieces, and menial decor. My mind can't find any reason to peruse these things. My determination to plan a wedding is slim to none. I want everything or nothing or something? I love it all. I want the… Continue reading So I’m Getting Married…

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The Inevitable Goodbye

I stared at the quickly-moving clouds as a tear streamed down my face and fell on the hard granite rock I chose to lounge on. The clouds captivated me. This island captivated me. Clouds flowed and dissolved as pleased. I hate saying goodbyes and therefore I don’t mind not saying them.I read somewhere to always… Continue reading The Inevitable Goodbye


I Love a Good Beard

Disclaimer: My excuse to write a post like this originates from the fact that I fucking love a good beard. Well, I fucking love my man’s beard. I am not trying to jump on the beard bandwagon although I truly do fall prey.My comprehension toward the beard hater goes only as far as my comprehension… Continue reading I Love a Good Beard