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Fall in Colorado + Virginia

Today marks the winter solstice aka the beginning of winter. Today also seemed like a good time to share my pictures of fall, as it was the longest fall I’ve experienced and probably the longest fall one could experience. From early September in Colorado to early December in Virginia, I saw the leaves change from green to yellow, orange, and red for three full months.

Growing up in Texas, fall was fleeting. So, I’ve come to find myself obsessed with the changing leaves during the fall season. This fall season also meant something else to me too. It meant that I could and should appreciate beauty found in death, and that the end of something could be enlightening too.

My goal of serving in the Peace Corps died as quickly as it began. I still find myself grieving of a life I never knew. Leaving the sunny and hot days of Guyana behind, I found myself putting on sweaters and snapping pictures of the changing aspen trees in Colorado this past September. I know I’m fairly lighthearted in my blog posts. However, I must admit that life has been tough for me since the unexpected transition back to American life.

However, I delved deep into things I loved to ease the pain of disappointment. I traveled to new places, relocated to a new city and started my business back up again. The transition from summer to winter mimicked my transition from Peace Corps to freelancer once again. I found myself as free as a falling leaf.

We moved from Colorado to Virginia. So, these pictures are taken in Colorado’s high mountains and along the coast of Virginia where we currently reside in Norfolk. I’m not only welcoming winter but also 2019. 2018 was a tough year. I moved abroad and then I moved back. I experienced a traumatic tragedy. However, 2018 wasn’t all bad. I found friends in Peace Corps, even a best friend. As much as I miss my Guy 31 Peace Corps crew, I am finally okay with being happy in America. I get to see my baby nephew grow up, and that means the world to me.

So, this is my last blog post of 2018. Good riddance! I am looking forward to thriving in 2019 and creating incredible content for this blog. See you in the New Year!


Where: Colorado & Virginia coast


When: September through December! Peak foliage for Colorado aspens are typically September, while fall lasted here in Norfolk, Virginia well into December.

The Look: White Shoes: Adidas | Plaid Shirt: Dizzy Dreamer Vintage

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