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My 25 Favorite Places in Fort Collins, CO

Ever since we moved away from Fort Collins, Co last June,  I can’t help but crave some of my favorite places in the city. You know that saying “you don’t know what you go till it’s gone,” well it’s 100% true. I couldn’t wait to get out of Fort Collins, but here I am missing a Pad Thai from Cafe de Bangkok and strolls through Red Fox Meadows.

I’m happily in Norfolk, VA writing this,  so I’m not yearning to move to Fort Collins. But the second I find myself in that city again, these are the places I can’t wait to visit.

This list is mostly full  of my favorite restaurants, cafes, and bars but in between all that you’ll find some other great spots in the city too.

Have  you been to Fort Collins?

What’s your go-to place you would add to this list?

  1. Music City Hot Chicken
  2. O’dell Brewing Co.
  3. Alleycat Coffee House
  4. Mt. Everest Cafe
  5. Wild Boar Cafe
  6. Totally 80’s Pizza
  7. Avogadro’s Number
  8. Cafe de Bangkok
  9. Cheba Hut
  10. Road 34
  11. Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
  12. Nature’s Own
  13. Red Fox Meadows Natural Area
  14. City Park
  15. Om Ananda
  16. The Oval at CSU
  17. Rainbow Restaurant
  18. Foco Cafe
  19. Momo Lolo Coffee House
  20. Waltzing Kangaroo
  21. Big City Burrito
  22. Horsetooth Reservoir 
  23. Mugs 
  24. Gilded Goat Brewing Co.
  25. Consuelo’s Burritos

Scroll to read my descriptions of these places!

  • Music City Hot Chicken
    • Great place to watch the game, get a beer, and have a great fried chicken burger. Also has vegetarian options and dope entree specials too.
  • Odell Brewing Co.
    • Yeah, yeah Fort Collins has a lot of breweries, but Odell is my favorite. I never seemed to want to go anywhere else. Large outdoor patio and new brews on tap often.
  • Alleycat Coffee House
    • This cafe is open 24 hours and has cool artwork inside.
  • Mt. Everest Cafe
    • Mt. Everest Cafe catered our wedding because I’ve never had a better eggplant curry in my life. Do the buffet. You won’t regret it.
  • Wild Boar Cafe
    • Cute and cozy cafe that also has food. The breakfast enchilada is delicious.
  • Totally 80’s Pizza
    • Mix of pizza place and 80’s memorabilia museum. The pizza is good and there is a salad bar. There are arcade games and an 80’s movie is always playing.
  • Avogadro’s Number
    • This place has it all. One side is a cafe with a big menu, another side is a bar and in the middle is an indoor venue and outdoor patio. Good veggie burger.
  • Cafe de Bangkok
    • Best Thai food in town, seriously.  Pad Thai is so good that I didn’t really order anything else.
  • Cheba Hut
    • Sandwich place with lots of different types of sandwiches, even vegetarian sandwiches. Also serves beer.
  • Road 34
    • Bar and bike shop. Has great nachos. On Thursday nights after 8 p.m., craft beer is only $1.
  • Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
    • This museum is a children’s museum but it’s totally fun for adults too. It’s a great place to volunteer as well!
  • Nature’s Own
    • Nature’s Own is just one of the many shops in Old Town but it’s one of my favorites. Affordable jewelry and really cool crystals.
  • Red Fox Meadows Natural Area
    • This was the closest natural area to my old apartment, so I was here a lot. Great for bird watching and walking.
  • City Park
    • City Park is perfect for a picnic, to do yoga or take a stroll.  There are a lot of events that occur here during the summer too.
  • Om Ananda
    • Most affordable yoga studio in Fort Collins
  • The Oval at CSU
    • One of the most picturesque spots at CSU. When it snows here, The Oval is dubbed “The Snowval.”
  • Rainbow Restaurant
    • My favorite place for a boozy brunch. Great bloody mary and eggs  benedict.
  • Foco Cafe
    • Pay-what-you-can cafe serving organic and healthy food.
  • Momo Lolo Coffee House
    • Affordable prices and delicious coffee (try the Rainforest brew)
  • Waltzing Kangaroo
    • Australian pie shop that serves little single-serving meat pies and vegetarian pies
  • Big City Burrito
    • A local burrito place that always has a line but the breakfast burrito is worth the wait
  • Horsetooth Reservoir 
    • Lots of hikes around here but my favorite is the Foothills Trail
  • Mugs
    • Has a pretty good breakfast burrito and cool vibe. Vegan options here.
  • Gilded Goat Brewing Co.
    • Little brewery located in a strip center with some seriously good brews
  • Consuelo’s Burritos
    • Consuelo’s is a drive-through restaurant but I typically found Consuelo’s breakfast burritos in coffee shops and convenient stores around town. MY FAVORITE BREAKFAST BURRITO OF ALL TIME


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