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A Visit to Seven Magic Mountains

While we were visiting hubby’s cousins in California, we decided to make a quick trip to Las Vegas. Well, the trip to Vegas wasn’t that quick… the drive takes about four hours.

However we stopped at Seven Magic Mountains, which lies just outside of Las Vegas. This unique art installation has plagued my Instagram-loving dreams for years. Basically, Seven Magic Mountains is a roadside attraction that literally has brought color and life to my Instagram feed recently.

I highly recommend visiting! However it’s a popular stop, so if you’d like to snap a picture without a million tourists in it, visit during a weekday. Also, it’s hot as hell and there is no bathroom or facilities of any kind. And I feel like if there was, it would ruin the desert feel. Although we didn’t stay long here, there is no way I would ever forget this little trip.


What: Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation in the desert

Where: Las Vegas, NV

When to Visit: SOON! This art installation is apparently temporary but there is talk of it being up longer.Β 


Have you been to Seven Magic Mountains? Tell me about your trip in the comments!

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