Finding a Sense of Place in an Office Space

My Monday starts out normal as I rear up my computer for another day’s work. The windows are open so I can embrace the chilly mornings that Colorado grants us early in this autumn season. I hear the geese make a ruckus in the small pond viewed from my apartment windows. Spontaneity gets the best of me as I switch on a shuffle of my favorite music albums. Coffee is brewed. Sun is up. It’s time to get to work.

With a degree in geography, I am always thinking about my sense of physical space and what kind of meaning I attribute to a place. Space and place might sound like one in the same. However, to a cultural geographer, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A space is seen as a spatial realm. I am here in Fort Collins, Colorado in my apartment at my desk. For a space to be a place, meaning must be attributed and that meaning can be different for different people. As a freelancer, a sense of place in a workspace is very important. A workspace must inspire creativity but also induce productivity.

I was inspired by WeWork to think about my sense of place within my work space. WeWork offers a creative place for freelancers and professionals alike to rent out community work spaces. They have coworking spaces all over the world and these places are truly beautiful, modern, and inspiring. As my businesses grow, I would love to incorporate an outside office into my weekly mix but, for now, I remain a happy recluse in my cozy home office.

A desk, a chair, a computer are the typical components of an office space. However, I can never leave it at just that. Soothing colors, funky patterns, and trinkets full of memories litter my office space, creating a place that truly reflects my inner creative soul.

My desk is where I can express myself. My work space is truly a bohemian place I can escape to when the rest of my apartment is a wreck. Here are a few aspects of my office space that give my work area a sense of place, a sense of inspiration, and a sense of myself.

When It’s Groovy It’s Gravy
As a seller, admirer, and collector of vintage clothing and accessories, my apartment is swarming with lovely vintage finds and vintage inspired fabrics and my office space is no different.IMG_9384 I love to mix and match patterns and textures to create an eclectic space that keeps those creative juices flowing. 

Good Vibes are a Must
As an active yogi, I always need a talisman of good vibes. I have my mala beads floating around my desk area or worn around my neck. I have incense burning for those stressful days full of deadlines. I also have a variety of crystals on my desk to keep things goin’ at a positive pace. My favorite crystals for a work area are amethyst, white quartz, and rose quartz. Just one of the benefits of having amethyst and crystal quartz around is for a mood booster. Pink quartz promotes love and beauty. My crystals promote good vibes and balance in a place where negativity and stress could easily loom.  IMG_9445

Make Me Smile PleaseIMG_9427
Work spaces don’t always have to be so serious! My favorite thing about my work space is my silly, yet creative, mouse pad. My love for animals (especially cats!) and my love for sci-fi are added to my creative place through this freaky and funky addition.IMG_9397

A Connection with Nature
As you know, I am very much a nature freak. I had to have my desk by a window so I can enjoy the beautiful weather here in Colorado. Whether the window is open on a summer day or closed shut during a snowstorm, a window is necessary for my work space because nature is something that is more inspiring to me than anything else in this world.  

Get Cozy
My quilt and cozy pillow will always be my staples on my office chair. Sometimes you just want to brainstorm in a chill and relaxed environment. I typically have a steamy cup of coffee situated somewhere on my desk’s surface. Some coffee and a blanket are oh-so-perfectly cozy on those chilly winter days.IMG_9473

Love Love Love
I have a few things in my work space that remind me that I am loved and that I am loved by some of my favorite creative people. The quilt on my chair was hand sewn by my mom. She mixed and matched different fabrics that truly express who I am! Also, my sister made me the funky woven baskets that keep my desk (slightly) organized.

Time to Organize
As a freelancer, lists are my jam and spare paper is a must. I always need to have a planner and a few sticky notes ready for writing when that perfect idea pops into my head.

Right to Wreck
As much as I love to be organized, at times, I would rather spend my time writing and working than cleaning. I think it’s important to have a spot where you can store random things so your space looks tidy but you can still exercise your right to wreck. This is where my sister’s woven baskets come in handy. I like to have a place to put my random items. It’s an organized mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way!IMG_9451

My work space is a place that I have expressed my own creativity. When I first started freelancing, it did take me awhile to perfect my space. Now, my space is a place. My place exudes my eclectic style, reminds me of love and life, and keeps things grounded and balanced. I hope I’ve inspired you to add some creative markings to your office space.

What makes your office space a special place?

6 thoughts on “Finding a Sense of Place in an Office Space”

  1. I love this post! It’s nice to see your work space. :] My little studio is my happy place for sure. I can make a big ol’ mess and take as long as I want to clean it up. Hehehe. I have a couple hiding spots for kitties and puppies. :] That makes it extra snuggly. Well, I would say hiding spot since Louis just sits right on my cutting table. HAHA

    1. Haha yeah it is actually NEVER this clean. I wish I had a baby kitten to add to my work space :{ Louis is the king of the castle!

  2. sorry for so many comments but it is so weird because I have a groovy pillow and Mom’s quilt on my chair too… I also have my computer placed right next to the window.. It’s kinda creepy how alike we are sometimes.. hahaha

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