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Mala Beads and Mindfulness


I recently discovered an online auction site, I am always searching for vintage items for my personal collection and my vintage Etsy shop, Dizzy Dreamer Vintage. Invaluable’s vintage jewelry makes me swoon. Jewelry can tell a story, make an outfit, or aid in solace. I never really have thought about what piece of jewelry I prized the most. I adore my engagement ring because it’s full of love and beauty. I love my grandmother’s vintage ring she gifted to me. However, there is one piece of “jewelry” that is more than just a beautiful or fun accessory: my mala beads. I don’t consider my mala beaded necklace a piece of jewelry; it is so much more. My beads calm me, protect me, and carry my spiritual intentions and energy.

Mala beaded necklace featured on

Sarah texted me asking what I had been working on improving within myself (ya know, spiritually). Our conversations always seem to center around our mutual love for yoga. At the time, I was trying to focus my energy on others. I was learning to be more mindful of my actions and words. I wanted to try to have patience. I wanted to understand people better, whether it was my boyfriend or the grocery store clerk.

Mala beaded necklace featured on

About a week later, I received a handmade mala in the mail from Sarah. Sarah creates fabulous mala beads, making each knot with love and attention. She had a reading done with her Nepalese mala mentor that strictly focused on my personality and spiritual goals. This is when my mala was born. My mala necklace was catered to my needs, not my wants.

I opened the package and the light green beads fell smoothly in my hand. The beads were cold and heavy but felt right at home around my neck. I couldn’t stop playing with the cheerful, yellow tassel. The colors of the necklace spoke straight to my inner hippie soul. I love the green, reminding me of mother earth. Each round bead has a slightly different tint and different imperfections, mimicking my life and style almost exactly. The yellow string constantly demands that I stay positive, stay light.

Mala beads compliment a yoga practice well. I usually put my malas on my mat during my practice.
Mala beads compliment a yoga practice well. I usually put my malas on my mat during my practice.

A mala necklace is typically made from 108 semi-precious gemstone beads. This type of necklace is similar to a rosary. Prayers, mantras, energies, and intentions will manifest within your special mala. This piece of jewelry should be regarded as sacred and the owner should be picky on who gets to touch or hold his or her beads. You can practice japa meditation with a mala or simply wear your beads around your neck or wrist to absorb their energy.

My beads are made from green agate. Green agate promotes relationships with others, encourages emotional flexibility, helps in decision making, and protects against negative energies.

The first day with my mala beads.  Instagram @madidragna

Maybe my mind hopes of some quick fix but my mala beads are comforting and uplifting. Whenever I wear them, I feel as if I’m in good hands or with a best friend. However, I know one day my affair with these beads will end. The moment my beads break, I will know that this mala has fulfilled it’s intention and purpose.

My favorite piece of jewelry simply isn’t for vain looks or pretty and petty intentions. My favorite piece of jewelry carries my hopes and desires. My favorite piece of jewelry encourages me to be a mindful, better me.

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  1. I have not seen a Mala necklace like this in years. The last time I saw one was when I was back in school. One of my best friends always had one on and never didn’t come without one. It was the one thing that really stood out and it made her happy to have one. They were nice and I know that she had a bunch of different ones too.

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