Get Pumped! It’s 2015!

The first week of 2015 is over. The past week was full of motivation to work on the New Year’s resolution(s). However, next week is crucial for a resolution’s success. The second week begs for procrastination. You are off your holiday high and back into the daily grind of life. Well, get over it. Personal improvement only happens with effort. This is easier said than done.

I set resolutions this year. Every day I woke up with my intent, my resolution. I have two solid goals for this year.

1. Practice yoga daily

2. Control anger/have more patience (for me, these go together).


Yep, three is blank. Three is my wildcard. I wrote out my resolutions on paper and started with the numbers one, two, and three. I couldn’t settle on just ONE resolution for my third goal. The empty space beside the number three represents all I must do to better myself. I know I have more aspects of my life that I must improve upon besides one and two, so thus, I have a three for everything else. I must be kind, diligent, motivated, determined, compassionate, thoughtful, and outgoing. I must eat right and save money. But mostly, I must remain present instead of focusing on the past or too much into the future.

I’ve got a lot on my plate. I know my two resolutions will help me evolve into my elusive number three.

I have big goals for this year, do you? Get pumped! It’s 2015!



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