I Don’t Want to Work Today

I don’t want to work today. I want to frolic in the emergence of spring with the great return of the green and the sun happy to warm from far in the sky.

I don’t want to work today. I want to perform slightly less than perfect handstands on the golden, green, grassy knoll. No matter if I stand on my hands for minutes or a brief second, a handstand in the grass envelopes me in pure joy.

I don’t want to work today. I want to dress up in my oldest vintage clothes and pretend I know the significance of California in the ’60’s and the meaning that one might experience in a spiritual awakening on LSD, all while listening to the Mamas and the Papas.

I don’t want to write today. I want to write what inspires me, what makes my fingers keep typing instead of my have-tos and need-tos.

I don’t want to work today. I want to think freely of wildflowers, crystal clear beaches, rolling green hills, sunrises on the shore, and sunsets in the mountain.

I don’t want to moderate today. I want to indulge in the largest piece of chocolate and allow the dark and sweet hints penetrate my tongue allowing my brain to experience euphoria, and alternatively, inducing me to take another and another bite.

I don’t want to worry today. I want to allow myself to enjoy my procrastination instead of thinking on what must be done.

I don’t want to feel guilt today. I want to dream and dream and dream and sometimes I want to feel OK in not doing or pursuing.

All I want to do is dream, think, imagine, pretend, remember, and acknowledge.

That’s all I want to do today.



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