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Texas Photo Essay: The Ranch

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I refer to the ranch as “The Ranch” because I have only heard this property referenced as such. Sure, the Ranch has a name but maybe I forgot, maybe you shouldn’t know, maybe I never knew all along.

This property shows the beauty that is Texas. 

photo 5


The weather wasn’t perfect. The air struggled with the idea of leaving winter and introducing spring. The gray skies threatened rain but were only teasing menacingly. The air held moisture and brisk breezes. Swaying with the wind, the first seedlings of wildflowers spotted the fields with the smallest amount of color. Soon, these seedlings, which were so eager to pop up from the rich, manured ground, will not stand as lonely in a month as the rest of the brothers and sisters blossom and bloom.

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The ranch house, decorated neatly with rustic vibes and agricultural trinkets, complimented the acres of land. Upon entrance, the house can be seen from the gravel road, guiding the traveler, welcoming the new comer.

Milk Bottles

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photo 3(1)

A gas plant’s tall stacks jut into the horizon revealing a juxtaposition of the grassy foreground versus a background’s reality of Texas’ popular industry. The stacks’ view can be seen from the house’s kitchen window and inspire a joke from the owner. Referring to the torched stack of fire, she laughs as she admits they “eat by candle light.”

photo 4

We wonder toward the barn, decorated from the outside by John Deere equipment and neatly preserved bones and skulls from the unfortunate deer or cow. The newly erected barn exists as home for furniture, numerous tools, four wheel drive vehicles, and the corpses of thirsty scorpions.

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photo 1

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The cows, although yards away, start to approach us in the hopes to receive the most delicious cubes of sugar. They swarm our vehicle. The young calves shyly approach, mimicking the actions of their elders. The cow they named Snakebite approached us first, sticking his wide, wet nose forward. His red coat stood out from his fellows.

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photo 3

photo 3(4)

photo 2

photo 2(4)

In early summer, this ranch will host a wedding, my sister’s wedding. I couldn’t be more excited to see the property host people, life, and celebration.

photo 4(2)

photo 2(1)

photo 4(1)

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