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Finding Solace in a Hot Spring

The initial exposure to the dry, cold air on my bare skin causes me to beg for a dip in the warm natural pool. My toes tingle upon entrance. The warmth from the hot spring hugs me. My body naturally exhales in relief. Soon enough, solace is found from the beauty of this wintry escape. With the slightest of wind, frozen snowflakes drift in the air. The snowflakes fell days ago but the dry environment allows the wind to sweep it up like sand. My body temperature rises. Sweat beads on my head. I need to escape the heat, time for a cooler pool. The water’s heat acts like a shield for my skin as I now find my frigid surroundings soothing. I dare not to test how long my heat armor lasts. I dip into the pool only a few degrees cooler but making all the difference.

Two days ago, restlessness set in as a sign of cabin fever. The local temperatures loomed around zero for days. I resisted the cold. I only interacted with the freezing (well, below freezing) environment from the short walks required from my car to my apartment. I felt depressed, in need of visual stimulation, in need of a new atmosphere. Ryan proposed the idea of a dip in one of Colorado’s natural hot springs. How could I resist?

We drove three and a half hours to heaven. Situated in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Strawberry Park Hot Springs proved to be the exact experience I needed to relieve my cabin fever. During winter, Strawberry Park Hot Springs can only be reached by 4 wheel drive vehicles. Inches of snow cover the winding road leading to Strawberry Park. The lengthy drive establishes worth when we arrive. The hot springs exist perfectly between rising mountain walls. The hot spring’s pools differ in temperature, providing a relaxing variety.

After a couple hours soaking in the mineral-rich waters, my body felt relaxed and peaceful. This feeling reminded me of the euphoria after an invigorating yoga session or the sleepy mood caused from a relaxing massage.

This week tested my control over my emotions. I needed something invigorating, new, and relaxing to find my self-control again. I know not everyone can escape to a hot spring (although I HIGHLY recommend it). No matter how great or wrong your recent days have been, just obligate personal time for something peaceful and refreshing.

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

                        – Marthe Troly-Curtin

The frozen pool is from snow melt. The inner pools are from the hot spring.
The frozen pool is from snow melt. The inner pools are from the hot spring.


Prayer Flags at Strawberry Park Hot Springs
Prayer Flags at Strawberry Park Hot Springs

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